DHI Services

Daryon Hotels International offers two levels of service; Full Management Service(FMS), and Support Management Service (SMS). In short, the FMS is designed for the larger hotels with absentee or less involved owners.  SNS is a perfect option for the smaller owner-operated hotels that hiring a GM or even GM might not be feasible or practical.

Full Management Services:

Daryon Hotels International LLC is a result-oriented full management service company. DHI’s principal concept is adding far more revenue than service charges paid but the hotel. Daryon Hotels is not an added cost but an increased revenue, and we guarantee that.

Daryon Hotels is partnered by 30 Hotels as of November 2019.

Why should you consider Daryon Hotels for your hotel?

1- Your revenue increase is far more than your cost.

2- Depending on your contract, you can cancel the Annual Contract with a 30 day or 90 days’ notice.

3- DHI includes the services that most other management companies do not:

a- Revenue Management Support
b- Corporate Level hands-on sales and marketing
c- Franchise Support
d- Full operational support
e- Continuous training of the hotel associates
f- Digital tracking and evaluation system for every hotel department

Daryon Portal is an all-inclusive tool that keeps track of all aspects of hotel operations. We are the only hotel management company that offers this service, and it is included.  The Portal will help you reduce cost while increasing efficiency and revenue.

5- 30-90 Day  Guarantee Policy.

Support Management Services:

SMS is designed for owner-operated properties.  The owners of this class of hotels do a great job in every aspect of the hotel operations, sales and revenue management. However, due to the overwhelming nature of the business, they are often overworked and do miss many revenue opportunities and cost management.  Hiring a GM or even experienced AGM might not be feasible or pragmatic. That is where DHI Support Management Service comes to rescue. Hotels get much better results, stability, fewer labor issues with far less annual cost.

In practice, DHI's professional and well-experienced team act as your remote assistant on any aspect of the hotel that will make life easier for you. You will decide what options of our numerous services to use depending on your priorities.

Our  SMS partners have a better life-work balance and see a considerable increase in their revenue. This service has become more crucial for many hotels since the market has been slowing down from 2019.  DHI will increase your RevPAR Index, meaning that you will not suffer from what is happening in the market, we well might increase your revenue or at least reduce the loss considerably.

Do the smart thing.